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Panda Bears


What is a Panda Bear?
A panda bear is a loving, carring aniomal. So when you think about its appearence it to also has a couple similarities as we do. They have legs, eyes, a nose, ears, teath and more. They are not so different after all.

Is a Panda Bear violent or peaceful? Some people may think that a panda bear is a dangerous animal who wouldnt think twice about hurting an animal, but just stop listening to the people around you. All you have to do is look at them, you should be able to see that they are not a scary animal. They are one of the most favored animal in china. To people in china the panda bear is a wonderful, beutiful animal who just wants to be left alone. The real only time that they might try to scare you away is if they have young with them, other wise you dont even know they are there.

How Many Types of Panda Bears are There?
In certian parts of the world there may only be one type of panda bear, but there is actually 2 types of panda and they are: The Black and white panda bear.


Then there are the red panda bears who are in a way related to the black and white panda bear except for a few differences, and they are: one is red and the other is black and white. One is a lot smaller in size then the other. One of them has a really long tail the other does not. There are more of them. They can sometimes be found in the same areas but it can be hard to find them that close.


When it comes to a parent panda bear they will and can do anything to get you away from their baby. They are the best parents there could ever be. When a baby panda is born they are way smaller then what their parents are.


Why choose a Panda Bear?
The raeson that I have choosen to write about Panda Bears is because they are one of the most favored animals in China and they could or can be one of the most favored animals here if you give them a chance to show it. But thetr is still only one main reason why I picked it and that reason is that they are also going extinct from all of the pollution, poaching and more. A panda bear is loving carring animal who takes care of itself and if it has young them aswell. The panda bear is slowly, slowly going down . People trape them usually just for their fur or something like that , even if they know that it is wrong, that dosent stop them from doing that. These animals are the most amazing animals in the world all you have to do is believe in them and to do anything thta you can do to help them survive the worst things that can happen to them, they could all be wiped out off the earth forever.


Why are Panda Bears Extinct?
Panda Bears are going extinct because they are running out of room to live, people are moving slowly into thier habitat. And when this starts to happen they lose their food supply, their shelter. But the colore of the pandas fur also makes people want them even more, and as the people want them more they start to poach which is one of the big reasons why they are going extinct. They are slowly slowly being picked off by paochers and sooner or later there will be barly any of them for people to see. So if you truly care, you could try and help save them befor they are all gone.